What is EEG and how will it change the way we learn?

Niharika Prasai Quito, Ecuador

EEG is a test that measures brainwaves, which are tiny electrical signals in our brain. It’s more commonly used in medicine, to diagnose brain conditions ranging from dementia, epilepsy, or brain tumors.

So, what is its role in education? As technology progresses, EEG is predicted to become a tool used commonly in schools and universities. Its breakthrough in the education industry is definitely something to look forward to in the future. With EEG, we can now tap into the brain’s learning process and understand it on a deeper level. By measuring brainwaves in real-time, EEG allows us to understand exactly how the student feels in their learning process. We can see if they are bored or under-stimulated, actively learning with ease, or too stressed to process certain material. With this information, we can create courses that are tailored to a student’s learning on an individual level.

EEG has experienced a marked increase in the education industry for the first quarter of 2020. Ed-tech companies around the world are beginning to turn to EEG as a means of student diagnostics and research. For example, some companies like Emotiv or Neurosky provide students with EEG trackers to wear during classes, to understand their own learning patterns, their triggers, and distractions. At IntellAdapt, we often emphasize one size does not fit all when it comes to learning. We use EEG headsets with diagnostic tests to help a student discover their learning strategy. This, along with our adaptive online courses that are tailored to the aforementioned learning strategies, ensures each individual can learn in the way that fits them best.

By giving students the means to tap into their own minds and understand how they learn, EEG proves itself as not just useful but empowering. If students can understand how their brains work, they no longer have to feel hindered by their differences and can learn to learn in the way that works best for them. If the objective of education is to uplift and empower all types of students, then EEG might be the tech that will help the industry reach that objective.

Any individual can achieve their learning goals with our personalized intelligent adaptive solutions.