The Guide to Me-Learning: Learning Strategy and Assessment Instrument

Dr. Nish Sonwalkar (ScD, MIT), Chief Evangelist, IntellADAPT

Webinar: May 5th 2 PM to 3 PM

The latest trend in online education is “me-learning.” In this new trend, the learners discover their own personality for learning and pursue their education using online resources. The vast literature of cognitive psychology and learning theories indicated that learners formulate a strategy to concur with the unknown territory of any new area of study. For example, while learning math the strategy may be to look at examples, and while learning history in may be historical incidence. Synthesizing over 300 such learning theories Dr. Nish Sonwalkar (ScD, MIT) has put together a learning cube pedagogical framework for leaning strategy assessment.

The five dominant learning strategies are apprentice, incidental, inductive, deductive, and discovery. The learning strategies assessment instrument was created and validated by extensive research and field trials. With this learning strategy survey instrument, learners can self-discover their learning strategy before they embark on a learning expedition.

Dr. Sonwalkar will present the background of learning strategies and introduce the assessment instrument for a successful me-learning experience using online resources.

About the presenter:

Dr. Nish Sonwalkar (Sc.D. MIT)

Dr. Sonwalkar is regarded as a leading expert in the application of computers in education. He has extensive research and development experience in hypermedia authoring, mobile learning, adaptive learning, and brain-based synaptic learning, advanced scientific visualization, database management systems, and computer simulation. Dr. Sonwalkar has received numerous national awards for his significant contributions to technology-enabled education, such as 2007 Innovative Excellence Award in Teaching and Learning, 2007 USDLA Award for Outstanding Leadership by an Individual in the Field in of Distance Learning, 2007 USDLA Platinum Award for Best Practices for Online Distance Learning Programming. He was also felicitated by the Amity Global Leadership Award in Education 2019.

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