Me-Learning: The New Normal

The latest trend in online education is “me-learning.” In this new trend, the learners discover their personality for learning and pursue their education using online resources. The vast literature of cognitive psychology and learning theories indicated that learners formulate a strategy to concur with the unknown territory of any new area of study. For example, while learning math the strategy may be to look at examples, and while learning history there may be historical incidence.

Synthesizing over 300 such learning theories Dr. Nish Sonwalkar (ScD, MIT) has put together a learning cube pedagogical framework for learning strategy assessment. The five dominant learning strategies are apprentice, incidental, inductive, deductive, and discovery. The learning strategies assessment instrument was created and validated by extensive research and field trials. With this, learners can self-discover their learning strategy before they embark on a learning expedition.

Me-learning is a self-driven adaptive education process where a learner has complete control of their learning speed, learning strategy and learning outcome. It can help bridge the gap between learning instead of burdening educators even more with individualized programs.

Now, more than ever as we enter the era of COVID-19 where everyone has to be at home, Me-learning has become more relevant. As we enter into an era where learners have to be in control of their education and learning at home, distant from the help of educators.Now that schools and colleges have relied on online classrooms during quarantine, it has re-surged the e-learning industry.

For that, we need an adaptive learning pathway or interface where you can figure out what is the best way for you to learn as well as to identify how we will learn. To reach that objective, we are going to now connect and understand all the people that are learning online and how we can figure out how everyone can learn.

intellADAPT is a company dedicated to the best of online education. How we should learn on our own in the time has changed in the time of COVID-19. When everyone is learning or trying to learn from home, this is a me-learning environment where you are in control of your learning.

IntellADAPT’s Adaptive Platform allows educators to create courses in a way that lets YOU decide on your pace of learning. Simply find your initial learning strategy and learning experience you desire.

The first thing for educators is to look for a personalized learning experience where you can:

· Define the learning pedagogy and pedagogical framework

· Assess what is their learning strategy

· Get the maximum out of your educational experience

· Increase the completion rate of courses

· Make sure your education is engaging, and it is delivered with the quality content and quality for distance learners

· Track your progress through this process and do assessments as you go through it.

Any individual can achieve their learning goals with our personalized intelligent adaptive solutions.