LAVA Hackathon, the Adaptive Video Course Hackathon, is now open for registration. We’re encouraging students and educators to be involved in creating their own adaptive assessments and custom course to cater to all types of learners! APPLY, ANYONE CAN CREATE A COURSE.

Always wanted to make a course but the task seemed daunting? We at intellAdapt have started a LAVA hackathon to get you started. Navigate and make a quick video, assessment, get feedback from our judges at intellADAPT, and snag a winning prize. By the end, participants will have made their first LAVA course and assessment!

LAVA or Learning with Adaptive Video Assessment. LAVA is different from the typical educational video, as it is immersive with adaptive assessments and timestamps.

About this Event
This is a virtual online hackathon. No programming environment required. All participants must apply at

Who are we looking for? Applicants do not need coding or programming experience. All actions are web-browser based, a secure internet connection is required. Students interested in creating their own course or pursuing development in the field of education may find this hackathon geared toward them! There is no better time to get started on e-learning, learn to develop a successful video course.

For more information visit our website at

View full rules and participation requirements at

Application Deadline: July 15, 2020

Day of the Event (Hackathon): September 15, 2020

Rules of Participation

Participants must be enrolled in a high school or college institution, or in a high school education learning program (home-schooled, technical institute). Those who are not 18 or older, MUST receive parental permission to participate. All participants must use and create their own original content. Any participants caught plagiarizing or using copyrighted content outside of Fair Use policies will be disqualified. We do not tolerate harassment of hackathon participants in any form. Inappropriate language and imagery are not allowed.

Any individual can achieve their learning goals with our personalized intelligent adaptive solutions.