Ed-Tech’s Big Rise and Persisting Challenges Post-Pandemic Recession

Niharika Prasai Quito, Ecuador

As hospitalization decreases in the United States and various treatments are coming along in their clinical phases, the COVID-19 global pandemic has brought along a new challenge to the public. That new challenge is a major global economic recession. On the surface, this pandemic has actually elevated the ed-tech industry. Many of these companies have experienced a booming market, particularly for conferencing software, assessment platforms, and other online resources. However, a deeper dig will uncover that the spike of market value for ed-tech and new dependency on distance learning comes with various challenges.

Ultimately, this pandemic is not going to bring an apocalyptic end to education as we know it, nor will it bring any blessings. Instead, it is a set of various challenges that students, teachers, parents, ed-tech companies and communities all must join together to overcome. It should be a collective goal, as we ride out one of the biggest financial crises of all time, to not compromise the importance of education.

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